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Massage Therapy Services

Relaxing or Deep Tissue Massage

1 Hour - $60        1/2 hour - $30

Depending on your needs - this could be a combination of both relaxing and 

deep tissue or one or the other

Hot Stone Massage


A combination of deep tissue massage therapy with hot stones to relieve muscle strain and provide a 

deeply relaxing therapy 

Hot Oil Massage


This is a wonderful massage if you suffer from dry skin

Fijian Massage


Fijian Massage is a unique technique in which the therapist uses his/her feet versus hands to do the work while their client relaxes on a heated floor mat 

P.U.S.H. Therapy


PUSH Therapy utilizes Tension Release Therapy to restore chronically tight muscles and joints to a pain free and mobile state. Tension Release Therapy is part of a comprehensive system that strives to achieve maximum, long-term results 

with each client 

1 Hour Tandem Massage w/ 2 Therapists


Therapeutic Tandem Massage consists of two therapists working in unison on one client. With the therapists working together, the client receives twice as much work as a one-on-one session.   Should be arranged well in advance in order to book 

a second therapist

Other Services Offered


 Prices vary with therapeutic needs 


Prices vary with therapeutic needs

Kinesiology Taping

Prices vary with therapeutic needs

Couples Massage Therapy with 2 therapists


Should be arranged well in advance in order to book a second therapist..  TWO massage therapists would work at the same time with the couple in the same room.  Candlelight and soothing music sets the mood for this romantic massage 

Ear Candling


A natural remedy for those suffering from wax build-up, swimmer's ear, itching ears and allergies.  A recommended service at the change of each season



This natural healing technique manipulates specific points of the feet that correspond with specific body functions

Chair Massage

$1 per minute

Typically a 10 to 15 minute service